Decking Trends for 2024: Innovations in Outdoor Design

A beautiful deck makes your outdoor space look more spacious and inviting. It creates an open area to gather with your family and friends.

Decks rarely go out of style, but various elements tend to lose their popularity as more options emerge in the market. In 2024, homeowners will be looking to switch to environmentally friendly materials and attractive designs.

Composite options and traditional wood have long been a popular option for most homeowners. However, alternative materials are cropping up with some favorability including aluminum, steel, and other recycled materials. 

These cutting-edge materials guarantee durability while providing a modern look to your space. They are also flexible enough to develop various modern deck designs.

In this post, we will examine innovative decking designs that will trend in 2024. We’ll discuss what these designs offer and how each trend can transform your outdoor living space.

1. Deck patterns

Deck patterns are one of the most flexible designs that offer multiple choices. You can get creative with various patterns to add texture and a unique personality to your space.

Here are some of the most popular deck design patterns in 2024:

Pinstripe pattern

The pinstripe pattern comprises two narrow boards and a wide-width board on either side. It transforms your space into a relaxing villa for those sun-soaked afternoons.

Herringbone pattern

A herringbone pattern is simply a luxury decking formed by repeating two boards that meet at a 45-degree angle. It is elegant and textural, making it one of the best statement-making decks. 

Herringbone decking patterns are highly attractive with a decor focal point.

Chevron patterns

If you’re looking for a deck design with a playful pattern, chevron patterns are your go-to design. This pattern combines transition boards and diagonal decking to create an angled but less complex design.

Picture frame

A picture frame pattern involves using a different color for your deck border. Your deck builder uses contrasting perimeter boards, which define your outdoor living space by adding visual interest.

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2. Multi-level deck designs

This is a design where homeowners opt for multiple levels in their decks. Multi-level deck designs create more space to accommodate more people and create visual interest.

There are various multi-level deck designs to choose from, including:


A double-decker looks as it sounds: two decks stacked on each other. Decking experts such as Vantage View Decks use custom railings from quality decking timber species such as cedar, resistant to rot and decay.

Three-level deck

A three-level deck is even better than a double-decker. It offers more space and room for your sitting area, grill area, and more. Moreover, the three-level design is gorgeous, and each level can have a separate function.

Curved multi-level deck

A curved multi-level deck design is ideal for creating dining and lounging areas. The curved deck can be on the lower level from a nearby kitchen and a dining table. 

After dinner, your guests or family can move a few steps to the lower level to relax around a fire pit.

3. Custom lighting

Lighting has a habit of bringing any dull space to life. It can easily make your deck the best spot in your home for your family and parties.

Apart from fantastically accenting your backyard, lighting your backyard also enhances safety by increasing visibility.

Let us look at some of the popular lighting designs and styles for your deck:

Stair and step lights

The stairs in your backyard are a high-traffic area that can cause slips and falls in the dark. Step lighting makes your stairs easily visible while accenting various features of your deck.

You can install them in your stairs’ risers or along your deck perimeter.

Landscape lights

Landscape lights are installed at the base of a deck for a dynamic landscape lighting arrangement. You can choose from a wide selection of light spreads such as accent, wall wash, and path.

Under rail lights

Underrail lights provide lighting for cramped-up spaces such as outdoor cooking areas and long railing spans. They are low profile and help highlight your outdoor space at night.

Recessed deck lighting

You can mount recessed deck lighting if your deck design includes an overhead protection. These lights will last long since they are protected from rain and other outdoor elements.

4. Outdoor kitchens

Adding a kitchen to your outdoor space allows you to bring more indoor enjoyment outside. You get an area to cook full meals and to grill for your family and guests.

Depending on your deck’s size, you can get a simple kitchen with just a grill and smoker or a luxurious kitchen with warming drawers, an ice maker, a wine refrigerator, and more.

You can customize an outdoor kitchen to fit your deck’s size. You have numerous options to choose from, including:

Barbeque grill island

This is one of the simplest deck kitchen designs you can build on your deck’s perimeter. You can go for a large feature comprising counter space, an under-counter room, or a stand-alone island with a minimal footprint.

Convertible kitchen

A convertible kitchen features retractable doors that can help transform an outdoor kitchen into an indoor kitchen in case of strong winds or bad weather.

You can install disappearing walls or garage-style doors that retract to open or close your kitchen. Convertible kitchens are best placed near the house and at the beginning of your deck.

Swim-up kitchen and bar

If you’re looking for a place to catch up on work while watching your kids swim, a swim-up kitchen and bar can work for you. It includes a double-sided bar where you and your friends can enjoy a drink while chatting.

The kitchen and bar are ideal for family gatherings and entertaining guests. They provide everything you need outdoors for those lazy weekend afternoons.

5. Sustainable decking

The cost of building materials is increasing, making most homeowners find alternative construction products. They opt for sustainable products like recycled plastic, bamboo, blended wood materials, and timber trees.

Many consumers factor in the effects of a product on the environment before purchasing decking. The most popular eco-friendly materials for your decking project are:


Composite decking material combines plastics and organic wood flakes or 100% polymer. Manufacturers use these materials to form capped and uncapped deck boards.

Uncapped composite decking boards have no structural layer of protection, making them susceptible to mould and mildew. Capped composite decking boards are sealed with plastic to increase their protection.


Aluminum boasts several advantages compared to other decking materials. It doesn’t warp, splinter, crack, or rot. This puts it high on the list of most sustainable decking materials.

Aluminum is also recyclable and more sustainable than wood. It does not attract pests to your deck and is of low maintenance.

High-density polyethylene resin (HDPE)

HDPE is a material built to outlive the short lifespan of wood. It is manufactured similarly to composite material but does not include any organic materials.

Due to its chemical-resistant capabilities, HDPE performs superbly in containers and bottles for shampoos and cleaners.

6. Shade features

Basking in the sun in your outdoor space is all nice until the heat gets too intense and you can’t stand it anymore. Having a shade in a specific part of your deck can make it enjoyable all day.

Adding a shade to your deck can be straightforward, with multiple shade ideas, including:


A pergola can offer a permanent outdoor space shade solution and easily adapt to various architectural styles. Thanks to its open design, you can build it as a free-standing structure or adjacent to your home.

Pergolas have lattice roofs that filter light and minimize the sun’s impact. You can add drapes or curtains to the roof and sides to block most of the sun.


Trees are a natural way to effectively provide shade and lower the air temperatures of your outdoor space. They may take a long time to grow and require proper planning when planting, but they are one of the best shade ideas.

However, plants such as fast-growing vines can be an ideal way to get shade. You can grow them around a pergola where they can easily climb the sides onto the roof.

7. Curves and multiple-shape designs

Squares and sharp corners are just too normal. Modern deck designs are leaning toward bends that stand out and bring an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

Decks can be triangular or any shape that will make your deck stand out the most. They also help increase your home’s value.

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8. Fire features

Fire features allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even at night. They make a bold statement while providing warmth and making your backyard deck an inviting area for a night-time meetup.

Fire features can vary with types, such as:

Concrete fire pit

A concrete firepit is more affordable to build than stone. It is also strong and sturdy and easy to clean and maintain. Your fire pit can be a concrete dish supported by well-carved legs or any design you may think of.

Fire pits are less hazardous and fit perfectly in the middle of the sitting area on your deck.

Sunken fire pit with a sitting area

This design requires a firepit and comfortable seating to be built into your deck. It has built-in steps leading to the sunken section with cozy furniture surrounding a fire pit.

The seats should be large enough to accommodate several people, making it more visually appealing. You can pour natural stone elements into the pit to make it stand out from the rest of the deck.

Multi-tiered fire pit

A multi-tiered fire pit has several levels you can use to expand or minimize the flame. It lets you control how warm it gets in your outdoor space, making it ideal for even the coldest nights.

9. Grey decking

Grey decking is a design that mainly involves using the color grey in your decks’ boards. It is popular among trendsetters and those looking for a rich vintage look in their backyard.

For quite some time, the only way to achieve grey decking was through high-maintenance paint that requires quality transparent preservative oil. This could wear off after some time and require frequent care.

However, with grey compost decking, you can enjoy the deck you desire, but it is more advantageous. It is light compared to traditional wood and doesn’t require painting since the material is 100% grey.

Takeaway: Give your deck a makeover with a trendy design

In 2024, the above designs will be booming in most homes, transforming somewhat dull backyards into lively outdoor areas. Decking experts offer customizations to make every design fit your space and theme.

At Vantage View Decks, we have a team of professionals ready to get started on your new decking project. We offer quality deck design and customization services and a great warrant that guarantees reliability.

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